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GSO Customers Start the New Year Right with Flexible DIM Weight Rules Shippers in California, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico Enjoy Great Rates, Faster Service

Pleasanton, Calif., January 4, 2016 – As shippers face the high costs of slow ground shipping from the worldwide carriers, GSO customers are enjoying overnight ground shipping to addresses in California, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. And, because GSO offers more flexible pricing rules, shippers are saving significant cost.

While the worldwide carriers have instituted strict dimensional (DIM) weight rules for all ground shipments, GSO charges according to actual weight for all packages measuring less than 3 cubic feet or 5,184 cubic inches. This enables shippers to save significant costs on shipments—and get their packages delivered faster.

“While the industry standard for national carriers is to charge for DIM weight on all ground packages, GSO decided to buck that trend and ensure that we can continue providing top value for our thousands of customers,” says Dana Hyatt, CEO. “Customer value is something that we take very seriously, and our flexible pricing is enabling thousands of shippers to get their packages delivered on time without compromising their bottom line.”

Customers also choose GSO for its ability to ship overnight, while offering later pickup times, lower accessorial fees, customized point-of-delivery procedures, and robust customer service.

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About GSO
Founded in 1995, GSO makes more than 1,000,000 deliveries each month throughout California, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico, utilizing 36 operating facilities. GSO customers enjoy a superior level of customer service, including later pickup times, earlier deliveries, dedicated service representatives, and proactive package tracking, all at market-leading prices. GSO is a portfolio company of The Halifax Group. For more information, please visit or call 800-322-5555.


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