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Dear GSO Customer,

First and foremost, I want to thank you for your support and trust over the last twenty-two years. Because of our customers and employees, GSO has grown at an exceptional rate into a market-leading brand and an extremely successful company.

I’m pleased to officially announce that GSO was recently acquired by General Logistics Systems (GLS) ─ one of the leading world-wide parcel service providers based in Europe. The acquisition occurred on October 4, 2016 making GSO a wholly owned subsidiary of GLS U.S. Holding Inc., with no changes to the management team, the day-to-day operations, or to our company as it is known today. The current GSO management team continues to run the company and your account representatives remain the same.

Several investors had approached us in recent years, but it was extremely important to me that whomever we decided to accept as outside partners to support our growth, meet a number of non-negotiable factors ─ a strategic (rather than solely a financial) investor that shared our vision for the regional carrier marketplace, common values towards our customers and employees, experience in our specific service offerings to assist us in reaching the next level, and a respect for what GSO has been able to accomplish. Ultimately, GLS made this an easy decision.

GLS is one of the largest parcel companies in Europe with headquarters in Amsterdam and operations in 41 European states. With over 220,000 customers, GLS has 14,000 employees and processes 431 million parcels per year with superior customer service and impeccable operations processes. While these are phenomenal numbers, I was more impressed with the common values that GLS shares with our company — reliability, security, transparency, flexibility, and sustainability─ attributes which I believe have led you and more than 15,000 customers to entrust GSO with your shipments over the years.

This acquisition marks a major milestone for GSO and I’m excited about the potential it will unlock for us in the years to come. I want to emphasize what a great achievement this is--GLS selected GSO over all of the other carriers in the United States to be the platform company for their presence in North America. I believe that this is truly a testament to the phenomenal processes that we’ve been able to build across our entire organization as a result of paying attention to the needs of our customers over the years.

With the backing of GLS, we’ve already started the process of improving our service, including:

  • The acquisition of Seattle-based overnight delivery provider, Postal Express, which will be integrated into the GSO brand and opens up our service area to Washington, Oregon, and Idaho
  • A brand new operations hub currently under construction in Visalia with state-of-the-art technology that will minimize package and linehaul processing, increase capacity and improve our delivery success rate
  • The purchase of over 50 new GSO trucks and sprinter vans to meet the increasing amounts of package and pallet shipments, while placing more branded vehicles on the road
  • Upcoming investment in scanning automation equipment in the hubs that will increase efficiency and improve service

These strategic initiatives, combined with the expertise and experience of the GLS Group will allow us to accelerate our growth and presence in the market as we continue to expand. We are dedicated to improving the efficiency of our network and operating processes while enhancing our technology for a better overall shipping experience for our customers. As always, we are committed to providing you with the same excellent delivery and customer service standards we’ve built over the years.

On behalf of GSO and our 2,300 employees, I would like to thank you for your contribution to the success of our company, and I look forward to participating in this new adventure with you.


Dana Hyatt, CEO