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GSO to Exhibit at the Parcel Forum in Nashville, Tennessee on Sept. 18-20, 2017 Offering 1-2 Day Parcel and Freight Delivery across the West Coast

GSO — a leading regional carrier for Parcel and LTL delivery throughout the West Coast — announced that it will once again participate as an exhibitor at the Parcel Forum in Nashville on September 18-20, 2017. This year, the company will sponsor two sessions in the VIPP lounge along with its parent company, GLS

Having recently expanded into Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, the company looks forward to sharing the benefits of its Priority, Ground, and Freight service offerings throughout the West Coast. With a focus on a specific service area, the regional carrier enables shippers to get product into the hands of customers more quickly via next-day ground delivery over a much larger geography than the national carriers where areas which would require 3-4 days can be reduced by at least a day.Calculate transit times.

“As a Parcel Forum exhibitor for the last seven years, we’ve had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of transportation and shipping decision makers across a variety of industries and have found that there are specific challenges that many shippers have in common including: the need to reduce transit times, control shipping costs through fewer accessorial fees, and a desire for more customized point of delivery procedures,” said Troy Ruffing, Director of Sales at GSO. “With 48 depots across the West Coast and two strategically located hubs, we’re able to ensure faster delivery for our shippers throughout a vast geographical footprint while minimizing fees and providing value added service options for a better customer experience.”

In addition to reducing transit times for shippers, the company will highlight its ability to help customers achieve the following benefits:

  • Later pickup times
  • No split shipments
  • Fewer accessorial fees
  • Simple per-pallet pricing
  • Significant savings on ground packages measuring less than 5,184 cubic inches due to a DIM weight policy which uses a DIM divisor of 166 and does not apply DIM pricing until a package exceeds 5,184 cubic inches. See billable weight calculator.

GSO will be in the Regional Carrier Pavilion at booth #332 and will have several company representatives available to discuss shipping challenges and answer questions. Visit to learn more.

About GSO
Founded in 1995, GSO makes more than a million deliveries each month throughout the West Coast covering the states of California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. With 48 depots and 2 hubs, GSO provides Priority, Ground, and Freight service with a superior level of service including later pickup times, earlier deliveries, and proactive package tracking, all at competitive rates. GSO is a wholly owned subsidiary of GLS-U.S. Holding Company, Inc.

For more media information, contact:
Mark Corley, GSO