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If you have a lost or damaged package, we are here to help. Our claims information page provides all the details you need, and you may conveniently submit your claim online when you log in to your account.

If Your Package is Lost:

  • Prior to submitting a claim, ensure a trace has been completed. Have your tracking number ready, and call customer service at 800-322-5555, option 1 to initiate the trace.
  • Shippers or recipients may start a trace for a lost package, but if a claim needs to be filed, only the shipper may submit the claim.

If You are a Shipper and Need to File a Claim: Please have the documents below ready to upload:

  • Original invoice with cost of damaged item or invoice for repair of damaged item
  • Photos of the damaged item
  • Photos of the exterior and interior of the shipping box from various angles
Damaged items must be made available for inspection, including:
  • All package contents
  • Original shipping material
  • Original shipping material
(Be sure to save these items until your claims case is closed).

Log into your account to start your claim.

* Please note: Claims for lost or damaged packages must be submitted within 6 months of ship date.

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