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Case Study

A Fish and Animal Food Supplier Reduces Cost of Damaged Goods and Finds the Attentive Service They Need in a Delivery Partner.

Gimminy Crickets & Worms, aka American Cricket Ranch, has grown and raised crickets and worms for nearly 30 years. It’s one of the few reliable sources of organic, live food for pet owners, fishers and chicken farmers, as well as for zoos and pet stores. With a low-cost product with precise shipping requirements, they needed reliable carriers that could accommodate their needs and their modest budget.


Gimminy Crickets & Worms takes a lot of special precautions to make sure its crickets and worms survive the journey. They require either hot or cold packs when shipping to destinations above 85 and below 40 degrees. They package insects in either a container tube or egg crates to keep them safe, and they don’t ship close to the weekends, to make sure packages don’t sit any longer than they have to. Because these living things can only survive in a box for two or three days, they have to ship overnight. Ensuring these small creatures arrive to their destination alive and healthy requires ongoing, close communication between the company and its parcel carriers.

These were the challenges the company faced:

  • Insects died in transit. The carrier often wrapped pallet shipments in plastic, cutting off the insects’ oxygen supply.
  • The carrier lost packages and blocked air holes when stacking boxes in the truck.
  • With no dedicated account representative, the Wrights didn’t know who to call when problems occurred.
  • The company doesn’t ship enough to negotiate high-volume shipping rates. To save money and ensure safe delivery, Bill Wright often delivered packages himself.


To keep customers happy, Wright knew he had to find a more attentive regional carrier. He needed a company that would take special precautions to ensure his product could breathe:

  • A dedicated account rep who helped solve any problems and relayed special requests to the operations team.
  • Priority overnight delivery at ground service rates to select areas saved the company money.
  • Flexible delivery options, including earlier pickup and delivery times. Less time in boxes means healthier crickets and worms.


Less package damage and regional shipping cost savings. Crickets and worms arrive to their destinations healthy.

  • Packages arrive intact. Personal service means GLS handles shipments properly (no suffocating plastic wrap) and stacks them to ensure proper ventilation. This keeps product alive and healthy, dramatically reducing the number of complaints and replacement orders.
  • Lower shipping costs. The company lowered regional shipping costs by switching to GLS.
  • Improved customer service. When Gimminy Crickets & Worms has a problem, question or request, they call their dedicated account rep.
  • Faster transit times. Where other carriers take two to three days to deliver packages, GLS takes one or two. Because products’ lives are on the line, that extra one to two days ups the odds of healthy, high-quality live food for pets, zoo animals and fish across the United States.