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Case Study

Initial Impression Decreases Shipping Costs and Increases Delivery Speed with GLS’s Next-Day Ground and Freight Service

Initial Impression is a distribution company specializing in promotional products such as mugs, shirts, hats, pens, magnets, tents, and water bottles. Finding the ideal delivery provider to service their shipments at a cost-effective price and with a high level of service was of utmost importance.


  • Excessive accessorial fees imposed by the National carriers were putting a major dent on the bottom line, with constant fee increases that seemed to constitute a considerable portion of their total shipping costs
  • Next-day delivery was critical for most of their West Coast customers, but overnight shipping via the national carriers would mean paying next-day air rates which was cost-prohibitive
  • Dimensional weight pricing changes had significantly increased costs, especially since the company ships low weight items such as water bottles on a regular basis
  • Shipping multiple packages to single destinations often resulted in split shipments.


With more and more customers running on tight deadlines and last minute budgets, Initial Impression needed a carrier that could offer later pickups while still delivering those shipments the next day. And the chosen carrier would need to be able to offer Ground and Freight service to California, Nevada, and Arizona with fewer accessorial fees, more customized point of delivery options, and a higher level of customer service.


  • Next-Day service to Nevada and Arizona at considerably lower rates than UPS
  • Elimination of dimensional weight fees for many of their packages
  • The ability to palletize shipments using GLS Freight
  • Fewer fees and a flexible dimensional weight policy has saved both Initial Impression and its clients thousands of dollars by moving packages within CA, AZ, and NV to GLS
  • Significant decrease in damages with packages arriving to customers in excellent condition
  • Customized point of delivery procedures where GLS representatives are able to easily communicate with drivers, resulting in a higher percentage of successful deliveries


“Switching to GLS has definitely helped us cut shipping costs and while I don’t have an exact number, it is definitely a double digit percentage. I can tell you that when we take on the larger fulfillment projects, it has saved the client thousands of dollars just by switching 15% of their packages to four of the states that GLS services.” -Craig Weiss, V.P. of Sales & Marketing, Initial Impression