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Case Study

Laurelhurst Distributors Saves Nearly 15% on Shipping Costs with Competitive Rates, while Receiving Outstanding Support from Dedicated Representative and Flexibility in Service Initial

The RV community likes to keep moving. They don’t want to sacrifice precious vacation time or travel time because their repair shop can’t get a part. Laurelhurst Distributors, an RV parts and appliance distributor based in Portland, Oregon, helps RV dealers and service centers provide speedy service by shipping products efficiently.

President Jeremy Chase has worked at the company since high school, learning every facet of the business. As head of the company, he continually looks for ways to lower costs and improve service. He accomplished both by moving most of his shipping to GLS.


Laurelhurst has contracted with a national carrier for more than 20 years and the national distributors they compete with have their own fleets of trucks and delivery services, which allows them to offer customers free shipping. Laurelhurst couldn’t offer that service and stay profitable.

To save money, Chase tried other regional carriers, but service wasn’t up to par. Drivers would throw packages over fences, deliver to wrong addresses, and drop off packages without getting a signature. For expensive RV parts and appliances, this wasn’t acceptable.


To continue offering superior customer service on par or better than his competitors, Chase knew he had to find a carrier with more reasonable rates and fewer fees. GLS not only met his needs, but offered services he hadn’t considered. Why did he switch?

  • Improved service to key markets due to a wider next-day delivery area.
  • Lower dimensional (DIM)) weight charges. No DIM weight rules for packages less than 3 cubic feet (18”x16”x18”).
  • Fewer and lower accessorial fees.
  • Flexible pickup and delivery options, including later pickup times and earlier deliveries.
  • Multiple signature options.


Laurelhurst practically eliminated shipping-related complaints when it switched to GLS. Customers also received few damaged shipments, especially with odd or oversized packages. Even better, Laurelhurst cut shipping costs by 10 to 15% from the previous year by switching to GLS. Here’s how GLS helped Laurelhurst improve customer service and increase profits:

  • GLS uses a higher DIM weight factor to price packages, which means across-the-board lower rates. Packages Laurelhurst formerly shipped by freight can now go by parcel because they’re under 3 cubic feet, which lowers shipping costs even more.
  • Fewer and lower accessorial fees led to additional cost savings. Chase no longer felt “nickel and dimed” by his parcel carrier.
  • Later pickup times—up to 8 p.m. in certain areas—allows Laurelhurst to fulfill more orders, keeping on-the-move RV customers and their repair shops happy.
  • Laurelhurst can now verify that all shipments go to the right customer with GLS’s signature delivery options.
  • Chase initially didn’t think he needed Saturday delivery. Now that it’s a more affordable option, he’s considering it as an extra service to his customers.
  • Instead of fielding customer complaints himself, Chase now has a dedicated account rep to help him solve problems.
  • With shipping costs under control, Laurelhurst can now pass on its savings to customers. Says Chase, “GLS has helped us gain an edge on our competition.