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C.O.D. Service

GLS will collect the C.O.D. Payment for the shipment from the recipient of the shipment at the time of delivery of such shipment. The request for Collect on Delivery (“C.O.D.”) together with the C.O.D. Payment amount must be specifically listed in the appropriate field on the shipping documents. Please refer to accessorial charges for current published pricing for C.O.D. service, which assessorial charge for C.O.D. service will be billed by GLS to you. GLS will only accept money orders and cashier's, company or personal checks (“C.O.D. Payment”) from the shipment recipient for C.O.D. service. GLS will send the C.O.D. Payment actually collected by GLS pursuant to the C.O.D. service to the shipper within three (3) business days of the delivery of the shipment.

C.O.D. service is separate and apart from the shipping services provided by GLS. GLS’ sole liability in connection with or related to C.O.D. service failure shall be to refund to shipper the C.O.D. accessorial service fee. C.O.D. service failure includes, but is not limited to, GLS’ failure to: (a) collect the C.O.D. Payment, (b) collect the C.O.D. Payment in the requested amount, (c) send the C.O.D. Payment to shipper, and/or (d) timely send the C.O.D. Payment to shipper. GLS’ liability in connection with or related to C.O.D. service shall not, under any circumstances, be greater than the amount of the C.O.D. accessorial service fee. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, GLS shall have no liability whatsoever for non-payment, fraud, forgery, inaccuracy or any other problem related to the C.O.D. Payment collected as part of the C.O.D. service.

C.O.D. service does not imply a declared value. You must follow instructions on our website and the shipment documents pertaining to declared value in order to declare a higher value for the shipment.