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Packaging & Supplies

We do not require that you use GLS packaging for your shipments. We offer Priority Envelopes (9.5" x 12.5") and Priority Paks (12.5" x 16"), but customers are welcome to use their own generic or company-branded envelopes, boxes or tubes.

To order labels, stickers and label pouches log in and place your order online or call customer service at 800-322-5555.

General Packaging Guidelines

Envelopes and boxes must be completely sealed and packaging must be appropriate relative to the contents of the package to ensure that no damage will occur during ordinary handling.

GLS reserves the right to refuse shipment of any package deemed to be unfit for transport.

We recommend the following packaging guidelines and procedures to ensure timely and safe delivery of your package(s).

  • Use a ship-ready envelope or corrugated cardboard box - either new or in excellent condition
  • Remove any labels and/or markings from previous shipments (if applicable)
  • Secure the contents and interior of the box with adequate packing materials
  • Always use strong tape designed for shipping
  • Never wrap packages with Kraft paper or use string or other elements that can be caught or torn while in transit
  • Use a GLS compliant label (required)

GLS Shipping Supplies

To order GLS shipping supplies (labels, envelopes, stickers, etc.), simply call Customer Service at 800-322-5555, or log in and order supplies online.

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