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 GLS Discount ProgramFedExUPSSavings vs 
FedEx & UPS
Residential Delivery$2.50$5.50$5.5056%
Delivery Area Commercial$2.50$3.70$3.7037%
Delivery Area Residential$3.50$5.30$5.3039%
Extended Area Commercial$3.00$4.50$4.5039%
Extended Area Residential$5.00$7.15$7.1535%
Adult Signature Required (ASR)$3.00$8.15$8.1563%
Delivery Signature Required (DSR)$2.00$6.75$6.7570%
Same Day On-Call Fee (SOF)$4.25$13.90$13.9050%
Future Date On-Call Fee (FOF)$6.95$8.50$8.5050%

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GLS delivery illustration

GLS offers efficient ground shipping times and rates

On-demand pickup

You need a shipping partner that is able to adapt in real-time. GLS provides on-demand call-in pickups on shipments with narrow or same day pickup windows.

Visual proof of delivery

GLS offers full transparency during shipment including Visual Proof of Delivery (VPOD) so you can rest assured that your shipment has arrived at its destination safely and undamaged.

Fast transit

GLS beats major national carriers by one day on average, offering fast and convenient shipping options.

Expanding network

While other carriers limit capacity or raise fees in light of increasing demand, GLS has aggressively upgraded and expanded our parcel and freight networks.

Unmatched flexibility

At GLS we offer our customers unmatched flexibility, including: residential adult signature deliveries, delivery rescheduling (even in-transit), and later pickup times.

Superior service

At GLS, our hyperlocal focus helps us deliver superior service to traditional national or international carriers.