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On-Call Service

If you don't require daily pickup service or your pickup times are unpredictable, you can opt for On-Call Pickup Service and request package pickup from your office on an as-needed basis. On-Call customers may schedule pickups online or by contacting the Customer Service Center.

On-Call Pickup Service requires a minimum two-hour window for pickup in most areas. For example, to have packages picked up by 6 p.m., your shipment should be complete and ready for driver pickup by 4 p.m. The pickup window would be scheduled between 4 and 6 p.m.

Please check the Accessorial Charges page for the per-pickup service fee.

Please note: Pickups may be scheduled up to seven business days in advance. There is no charge for cancellations made prior to the day of the pickup. Cancellations made on the day of the pickup are subject to the normal pickup fee.

To schedule an On-Call Pickup, please log into our customer portal, or call Customer Service at 800-322-5555, option 1.